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Celebrity Restaurant Owners

The progression from movie star or international musician to restaurant owner has become pretty standard these days. Celebrities have begun opening their own restaurants, bars, and night clubs either as silent partners or in many cases, even full-blown owners. Jay-Z has a chain of sports bars that are similar in a way … read more

Angelina Jolie's Brave Choice Slammed by Etheridge

When recently diagnosed with a genetic mutation that usually results in a high probability of ovarian or breast cancer, Angelina Jolie decided to confront her risk by having a double mastectomy in order to ensure the genetic mutation wouldn't lead to cancer. The fact that Angeline Jolie went public with her health ch… read more

Celebrity Clothing Lines

Clothing lines designed by celebrities are becoming more and more popular these days; they are perhaps even more prevalent than celebrity endorsed fragrances! It is increasingly common for chart topping, internationally recognized artists like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna to have their own women’s apparel lin… read more

The First Step to a Strong Career in Finance

The first step to a strong career in finance is a good education with the right degree. This is where young professionals will get their first taste of what skills and knowledge are necessary to succeed in their business aspect of choice. Today's financial schools are well-equipped to offer students the training they w… read more

Gifts for a Four Year Old Girl

Are you shopping for the four year old girl that has everything? Why not decide on an educational, fun gift that she can use for a long time instead of one of the usual standby "pink" gifts. Sure, it's easier with boys - there's always LEGOs, so make the most of having a choice and check out some of the suggestions bel… read more